assalamualaikum. we meet again!! it has been a long time i didnt post any entries here. not really i’m too busy (yeah sometimes) but i’m too lazy! hihihi. well guys, i’m in sem break mood. it is HOLIDAY!!!

done with first semester. it was pretty hectic i can say. i tried to adapt myself with the uni environment. well, after one and half year i didnt sit for the exam, study like crazyyy but now, i need to get back to reality. degree is more tougher than my diploma even though the subjects are quite similar. anatomy, pharmacy practice, and organic chemistry!! oh no, OC is my biggest fear in my life!!! hahaha i dont know what i had answered during final exam. but i hope i’ll pass the paper 🙂 heeeee doakan.

oh yaaa. i just realized this is my first entry in 2015! happy new year guys! may we live in peace 🙂